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Exactly how you read it hun xx I live on my own in Auckland close to the Auckland Airport. I’m that Sweet, Horney , Naughty girl you call when you’ve had a Really stressful day and all you want is a nice relaxing massage , enjoying my company with no work conversations , having a really fun time being yourself while I Satisfy each and every one of your Sexual Needs and Desires with No hesitations Or Complaints when I assure you I like to keep myself Extremely Clean and Disease free which is part of why I am Picky with who I invite over as I have to make sure you are also clean too sweetheart ;) But it’s so Simple and Worth your time. Xx I want to keep this DESCREET Yes I did used to have blonde hair but I prefer my Dark hair now better. If you want to make sure it’s me I’d be happy to send you more pics babe ;) there is a price for my time so please understand that so we can come to a mutual agreement that will happily satisfy us both. This is all New to Me (just trying this out temporarily to see how it goes as I’m studying at the moment and currently needing a little financial assistance)