Sinfull cockaholic and Proud

I stuff as much cock down my throat as I can on my days off ,on my days on,in between jobs on the job and so on and so forth..for 2 reasons and 2reasons only therapist said I should never admit them anyone but to be fair I could be mistaken as I was more concerned about sucking the cum out of his cock than what he was actually saying. Reason 1) i fucking love it it's everything to me souls true pleasure.i don't suck cock for the arsehole that's attached to it I suck dick for me ... well!!. 2) To be the best..and I mean the genuine best at something you silly little boys value above all else it's a powerful thing.. To be better than every other women makes me proud n happy know no woman,mother, sister, daughter, aunty gf or stranger can do it better makes my mouth water.....

Published Date: 20.11.2019

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