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Hi there. My name is Delicia Romani. I am a all rounded professional working escort. I'm legitimate, pay my taxes, only come to Hamilton to work and then return to my home town in Tauranga each week. A few months ago I advertised here for accommodation rentals and received some good response. However, the daily motel fees are consuming too much of my financial stability ($580+ each week) Has anyone got a self contained flat available to function my business effiently? open to offers again. If u we're one of the people offering a studio/flat or apartment please message me back. Touring to Hamilton is temporary as I am tying up my loose ends in Tauranga to relocate to Hamilton more permanently in the near future. I am not a muck around tenant, I don't drug or drink, happy for property drug testing to occur too.. I prefer to keep my head clear while working so I succeed in my goals. I study part time small business, qualified in 6 subjects, have my own car, boat and no nonsense attitude. I am careful with other people's property and business is open 10am until 10pm-12am latest Wednesday- Saturday. (Monday to Friday when relocated permanently)

Published Date: 14.06.2019

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